The Claim:

Jan 4th, 2019 McClatchy Washington Bureau/The Bellingham Herald

Trump officials exaggerate terrorist threat on southern border in tense briefing

“Homeland Security officials are now saying that 3,755 known or suspected terrorists were stopped trying to entering the U.S. by land in FY 17.”

Questioning The Claim:

Love to see newspeople ask:

Did sending US troops to Iraq & Afghanistan play any role in keeping bad people from coming here to do bad things?

Have the undeclared wars in Iraq or Afghanistan played any role in keeping thousands of terrorists from showing up at the border?

Newspeople could have started questioning these big claims from DHS almost a year ago.

Jan 24th, 2018

Secretary of Homeland Security:

The US Dept. of Homeland Security “stops an average of 7 known or suspected terrorists a day – 50 a week- trying to come to our country.”

With such an impressive handle on US Dept. of Homeland Security performance- why do heroin-trafficking cartels continue to move product into various parts of the US?

Jan, 2018 Fox News

Meth, cocaine overdoses rise as Mexican cartels sidestep anti-opioid crackdown


Each year, at the Super Bowl, the US Dept. of Homeland Security promotes their own image Re: preventing criminal activity. Why do these impressive capabilities fail to keep meth and heroin trafficking cartels from moving product into the US?

Jan. 4, 2019 USA Today

Trump’s DHS requests more support from military troops along U.S.-Mexico border

Will these efforts result in any shortage of cartel-sourced heroin, cocaine, meth or fentanyl anywhere in the US?


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