Out to the Fort Ebey Bluff Trail on Saturday. Ranger station was closed. No one stopping vehicles on the way in to check for parking passes. Weather was sunny & calm. Bell buoy seemed silent today.

Trail condition was good. It had been a little squishy in spots over the past week.

Lots of people, families & dogs out enjoying the day. Passed one group that must have been more than a dozen people on the trail. Campground is open. Lots of happy sounds as I passed by. Saw snakes and eagles. Saw someone flying a kite in front of the gun emplacements- they were doing well with what looked like an old school-style kite.

Walked down to the viewpoint at Cedar Hollow and was able to see people walking on the beach near Perego’s Lagoon. 

Beach parking area to Cedar Hollow & back- 1:37.