I’ve never been one to say that military benefits are inadequate. Just stick with whatever was offered when people signed up to stay on for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and we’re good.

Over the past few months, things have gone downhill.

DeCA can’t keep the shelves stocked. A year ago- things were good. Not anymore.

The plan is to save money by defunding the commissaries. Less people will want to shop there after the transition, then we’ll have the numbers to show that it makes no sense to continue to support funding for the commissaries.

Message sent by DeCA to The Troops:

Not seeing any “this offer expires on” date here.



DFAS can’t mail out IRS Form 1095. No problem with this a year ago.

Extended time on hold with DFAS to request 1095 form results in being transferred to TRICARE. Message during TRICARE holding time tells us to contact DFAS. After another extended time on hold, TRICARE says they are unable to send out the form because of some sort of problem with their system. No attempt is made to update web sites so people will know what to expect or to reduce phone calls.

Each one of these agencies maintains a Facebook page. It’s easy to post comments there, and people are letting them know how things are going.

Recommendation for budget savings:

Phase out ongoing undeclared/unwon wars overseas.

The Department of Defense track record for winning undeclared wars goes back to 1949.


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