Pat Tillman and his brother Kevin refused to be interviewed after they enlisted “for fear that their decision will be interpreted as a publicity stunt.”

Elsewhere- many are good with it.

KOMO News video: Nine military vets were treated to a supermarket shopping spree in Lakewood.

Is there a perception that people who did time in uniform are needy or disadvantaged? This news report gives us no hint as to how these veterans were selected. Was this a publicity stunt for the local NFL team? Newspeople play along by not asking questions.

Another story with zero information or reporting on how these families were selected:

Military families get surprise $1,300 grocery shopping spree

From comments: “Thank you for supporting our troops. More company’s need to help out our troops.”


Retail marketing strategy update:

Veteran hassled over veteran parking spot at the grocery store.

Veteran reports incident to store manager.


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