In the news: Kilmer says jet warfare range vital at town hall meeting

Here is what I’m not understanding:

A few months back there was a discussion about NAS Whidbey jets training over the Olympic Peninsula.

A question came up:

Why are NAS Whidbey jets not doing their training over a military reservation in Eastern WA, California, Nevada, etc. The federal government has set aside huge amounts of land for this purpose.


It would take too much jet fuel to move aircraft back & forth over a long distance.

But wait:

Jet fuel available for round trip flight to Indianapolis to “wow race fans.”

Whidbey aviators wow race fans

I have no problem with the US Navy on Whidbey Island.
No problem with hearing jet noise on Whidbey Island.
Please- just don’t stroke me about budgets for jet fuel or claims that decades of undeclared/unwon wars overseas are somehow linked to American rights and freedoms.

Recommendation for budget savings: Phase out failed wars that never end.


Huge amounts of cash already spent on these facilities:

Naval Air Facility El Centro

Yakima Training Center, WA

National Training Center, Fort Irwin

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, 29 Palms 

China Lake, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division 

Barry Goldwater Range Complex

“The range complex is the nation’s second largest military reservation and has been used by military pilots since September 1941.”

White Sands Missile Range




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