Seeing a bit more of the get tough, make plans to pack up & leave response to people who have concerns about their communities.

Several comments here about feeling unsafe in Oak Harbor:

“Get self defense training for both of you. Transients are world wide don’t live in fear.”

“Sounds like you should move to somewhere in the middle of Canada.”

My take:

If parts of Oak Harbor take on a reputation for not being family friendly- people may make other plans in terms of dining out, shopping, etc.

Do not want to see this happen because it would impact hard-working people who operate or are employed by local businesses.

Concerns here about speeding in S. Whidbey neighborhoods:

“Time to move!”

Concerns here Re: N. Spokane crime:

“Move if you don’t like it”

I appreciate people who offer up some creative thinking in terms of improving life in various communities.


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Photo: Whidbey scene.