Seeing various posts about how hard it is to pay for a 2 bedroom apartment on minimum wage, the force of government needs to be used to get employers to provide better pay & benefits, public officials need to help more with college expenses, etc.

Looks like it’s not all bad news:

Looming crisis seen for maritime jobs as workers near retirement age

More here from various sources:

Training, jobs open up as maritime sector’s workforce ages

Seattle maritime industry looks to high schools for new work force

Help wanted: Washington State Ferries needs engineers

Report: Maritime industry staying afloat, growing steadily

Tacoma to Add Four More Container Cranes

Washington State Ferries looks to train workforce of its future as retirements loom

Teens can find paid summer internships in Seattle

State ferry system hiring as it faces retirement crisis

Port of Seattle offers 150 paid high school and college summer internship

100 jobs: Cargo company to occupy former Everett mill site

Welders needed: New Seattle program offers training

Now hiring: Maritime industry bustling, but lacking future workforce


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