DSC_0258 Sen. Angus King calls on military to help stem flow of heroin across southern border

“In testimony provided to the Senate Armed Forces Committee in March, Kelly said there is little the U.S. can do to prevent drug traffickers from entering the country.”

“They just pay the fare. No one checks their passports … they don’t go through metal detectors. No one cares why they are coming. They just ride this network,” Kelly said. “And the way the network stays in place is drug demand – primarily drug demand in the United States and then the unbelievable profits that come out of drug demand.”

“Until we really get around to the drug demand issue, there’s not an awful lot we’re going to be able to do to that network,” he said.

Homeland Security Vote of Confidence-

“Kelly testified that 100 percent of the heroin entering the U.S. is produced in Latin America, about half in Mexico.”


Wasn’t the purpose of the post-911 wars to keep bad people from entering the US?

The US Marines thought so:

“We fight over there, so we don’t have to fight here”

These guys are risking their ass in the War on Terror to keep the US safe? How does this work while heroin traffickers cross into the US free of screening, scanning, pat downs, special IDs, inspection of personal items, etc.


Heroin traffickers are frequently successful at what they do. If terrorists were just as interested in entering the US- it appears that federal departments and agencies would have no way to stop them.


Welcome Home Troops:

Sheriff: Meth, Heroin Use on the Rise in Flathead County

“Curry said that meth and heroin use is on the rise among adults in Flathead County and most of it is coming from Mexico and South America.”

“However, the crackdown on supplies and ingredients like pseudoephedrine has not reduced the number of users and now more meth is coming north from Mexico and South America.”

“The disadvantage to that strategy was that it created a big market for Mexican drug cartels,” said Amy Rue, executive director of the Montana Meth Project.


Joe Sixpack & his kids must line up for special IDs to go have lunch in Canada- then return home- since 2009.

If special ID works to keep bad guys out- how are cartels moving heroin into the Puget Sound area in 2015?


“James said western Washington might as well be the backyard for three Mexican drug cartels.”

Pinpoint satellite images of N. Korea– still unable to keep heroin-trafficking cartels out of WA State?


Large quantities of cocaine & heroin get past the US Dept. of Homeland Security and into various parts of the USA:

136 pounds of cocaine get past the US Dept. of Homeland Security and into the Bronx.

47 kilos, or almost 104 pounds of cocaine get past the US Dept. of Homeland Security and into St. Lawrence County.

154 pounds of heroin get past the US Dept. of Homeland Security and into New York City:

DEA Seizes $50 Million Worth Of Heroin In New York’s Largest Bust Of All Time

As always- these big law enforcement success stories come with zero reporting or questions from newspeople about why the Dept. of Homeland Security & post-911 security protocols are unable to keep heroin & cocaine out of the US.


Local law enforcement agencies may benefit when the US Dept. of Homeland Security fails to keep heroin out of the US-

Seattle media: Heroin busts could finance police construction in Snohomish

More here: No Profit in Keeping Heroin Out of the US


Has anyone ever seen the press question the US Dept. of Homeland Security/CBP on their role in keeping heroin out of the US?

News tip/story idea:

US Border Patrol, Port Angeles, WA-

Secret arrest statistics, denied FOIA requests, heroin in the community & a Border Patrol whistleblower investigation Re: fraudulent overtime that resulted in further suppression of information- keep the focus on asking questions in these areas.

More here: Port Angeles Heroin Boondoggle


Don’t worry-

The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe-

State-run media update:

US Department of Homeland Security-

“…a department with more than 20 different agencies, a budget of more than $45 billion and a staff of hundreds of thousands of civilian, law enforcement and military personnel.”

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Puget Sound Heroin Racket?

Heroin Cartels in Washington State


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Newspeople will not question the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles?

US Department of Credibility

Our free and independent press has stopped asking questions.




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