John McCain calls on Donald Trump to apologize to military families

I did time in the US Unarmed Forces- I am in no way offended.
Requesting an apology based on group identity is a political stunt.

Maybe Trump will take it a step further and point out that the US is not in the habit of wining decades of undeclared wars overseas.

Maybe he’ll challenge school teachers to explain- if the wars aren’t won- how can they protect our freedom?

Maybe he’ll point out that in July of 2015 it’s not safe for Marine recruiters to wear uniforms in Hometown USA?

Marine recruiters told not to wear uniforms after attack

Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for your service


Don’t say things that I disagree with. If you didn’t do time in uniform you have no right to speak out. If you did time in uniform- you should see society as a group of first & second-class citizens. Those who never wore a uniform are second class citizens and their commentary should be supervised by those who once wore a uniform.


Senator McCain-

“I have not yet met a single 18-year-old, including my own son . . . who said, ‘Gee, I want to join the Marine Corps because of TRICARE.’ No, they joined the military because they want to serve their country.”

They didn’t sign up for TRICARE Senator McCain.

They stayed for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and kept reenlisting until they had 20 years in for TRICARE.

They could have left the armed forces to stabilize their lives Re: children in school, home ownership, a chance at decent local jobs for a two income household, family separation, getting shot at, etc.

They stayed in based on what they thought was an honest understanding of the benefits they were earning.


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Public school teachers- please explain.


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