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Heroin traffickers cross into the US free of screening, scanning, pat downs, special IDs, inspection of personal items, etc.

More than 270 pounds of heroin gets past the US Dept. of Homeland Security and into Denver:

“Operation Chump Change” nets 34 arrests

More than 150 pounds of heroin gets past the US Dept. of Homeland Security and into New York City:

Record-breaking drug bust in NYC shuts down major heroin supplier in Massachusetts, Connecticut: DEA officials


Enhanced ID has been required to cross into the US since 2009.

If it works to keep bad guys out- how are cartels moving heroin into the Puget Sound area in 2015?


“James said western Washington might as well be the backyard for three Mexican drug cartels.”


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Heroin at Port Angeles

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Don’t worry-

The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe-

US Department of Homeland Security-

“…a department with more than 20 different agencies, a budget of more than $45 billion and a staff of hundreds of thousands of civilian, law enforcement and military personnel.”


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Local reporters will not question the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles?


Our free and independent press has stopped asking questions.

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Photo- Rocky Brook Falls