Trying to make sense of mixed War on Terror messages-

You are at risk of attack, you should be thankful that first responders & the troops are keeping you safe, be constantly aware of your surroundings, etc.


Real ID-

So critical to the safety of America- the terrorists we are supposed to stay scared of have until Oct. 1, 2020 to make use of the weaker standard:

Homeland Security Establishes Enforcement Date for Real ID


Soldiers’ families and homes may be IS targets, Army threat center reports

Maybe not such a great time to speak about military ops?


Small town/military community in the news:

Prowlers, Growlers from NAS Whidbey likely used in ISIS air strikes

“A senior Air Force officer and a federal lawmaker both have said in the past week that electronic attack aircraft based out of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island are likely being used in Syrian and Iraqi air strikes.”



Non-terrorist demonstrates lack of security protocols at typical Washington State ferries terminal-

Vehicle blows by ticket booth, ignoring personnel assigned to proper staging of vehicles.


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US Department of Credibility




Photo: Kitty litter scoop at dive bar