DSC_0016 2June, 2013


“Barnes says the heroin comes straight up I-5 from Mexico and is one of the cheapest drugs out there.”

April, 2014

“While Colombia has historically been the biggest source of heroin sold in the United States, Mexican output has since surpassed it, DEA officials say. Together, the two countries account for more than 90 percent of the U.S. heroin supply, and nearly all of it is smuggled into this country by Mexican traffickers.”

US Dept. of Homeland Security-

Special ID cards make it virtually impossible for those who wish to do harm or violate U.S. laws to move heroin into the Puget Sound area.


Drug Take Back Day

A huge success for the legal drug dealers- they sold 324 tons of pills to people who did not need them:

“Last October, Americans turned in 324 tons, that’s more than 647,000 pounds, of prescription drugs at more than 4,114 sites operated by the DEA and its thousands of state and local law enforcement partners. When those results are combined with what was collected in its seven previous Take Back events, DEA and its partners have taken in more than 3.4 million pounds (1,700 tons) of pills.”

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US Border Patrol- keeping terrorists out while heroin comes in? Puget Sound Heroin

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South entrance- Port Townsend Ship Canal