DSC_0011_011Voter approved marijuana businesses prohibited from using a bank:

“In essence, we would be laundering money as the law looks at it,” said Larry Hueth, president and CEO of Port Angeles-based First Federal.

“We would be breaking the law.”

Love to see newspeople ask:

It took a constitutional amendment to prohibit the sale of a glass of wine- why no constitutional amendment to authorize a federal war on drugs, drug czar, prohibition of marijuana, etc.


Marijuana is controversial- beer is not.

Local event happening on the same weekend the above story came out:

Strange Brewfest 2014-

“Although Port Townsend has no shortage of hotel rooms, this event sells out the entire town every year.”


Marijuana for profit-

“…the Bank Security Act and the Patriot Act — make it illegal for banks to take money from marijuana businesses.” 


Heroin for profit-

Somehow, arrangements can be made at the bank to deal with sums as large as $3.6 million?

Is there an incentive to allow heroin traffickers to cross into the US?

If heroin was prevented from entering the US- law enforcement paydays like this one might not be possible:

Justice Department distributes more than $3.4 million to local law enforcement

From another source:

“A news conference is planned for Wednesday where the FBI, U.S. Attorney and U.S. Marshals will distribute $3.6 million to local police departments. The money was seized after busting one of Ohio’s largest heroin distribution rings.”



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