oki“The White House also proposed an increase to the current enrollment fee for working age retirees in the Tricare Prime program phased in over the next four years.”

These are the traditional DOD military healthcare benefits that were used to entice people to stay for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.


In every discussion forum I take a look at- someone makes the point that the TRICARE program is much more generous than any civilian plan.

Most Americans never do a day in the Armed Forces, fewer still are interested in doing 20 years.

The country does not support a draft, but is OK with decades of ongoing, undeclared wars overseas. The wear & tear required during 20 years in the crotch is not similar to most civilian jobs.


Room for savings-


$60 billion in DOD contracting fraud

& see where savings are available to pay fees for healthcare earned by people who volunteered to go to far away places and maybe never come back again.


Many Americans may associate free medical care with people who stay for 20 years in the US Armed Forces.


Insert language into recruiting literature and enlistment documents stating that rules concerning benefits may change at any time & that no definite benefit package will be provided in exchange for 20 years of unrestricted worldwide service. No grandfather clause will apply. Have unit leaders refer to this disclaimer when promoting retention drives, giving re-enlistment speeches, etc.

Stop spending federal money on meaningless support the troops promotions, campaigns and VIP photo ops that are not connected in any way with public policy.

Here is a hand selected lady who was surprised (1:12) to get a phone call of support from The First Lady- even though cameras were rolling in her home when the phone rang:

My concerns are not specific to any political party or personality.

Here’s the Republican position Re: making good on healthcare benefits for The Troops:

“Pulling the TRICARE Prime idea from a recent Congressional Budget Office report, McCain said forcing retirees under 65 to use TRICARE Standard, the fee-for-service option, or health insurance from civilian employers, or space-available care at base clinics or hospitals, could save DoD medical accounts up to $111 billion over the next decade.”

Senator McCain,

There was a time when Moms & Dads, friends, relatives, folks at church and school and people with years of military experience encouraged a younger generation to take a favorable look at making a career of the US Armed Forces.

Even if there was another draft- people would be drafted for an enlistment- not a career.

Good luck with your all-volunteer military.

Recommendations for saving:

Phase out decades of ongoing, undeclared wars overseas. Phase out the Drug War, allow U.S. farmers to answer the global demand for Industrial Hemp.

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Photo- USMC Okinawa 1980