Minor drug busts at border checkpoint breaking Texas county’s budget


The above article describes a drug checkpoint away from any border crossing or port of entry.

This checkpoint is inside the US- not at the US/Mexico border.

All drugs captured here already made it past DHS at the border- if they were connected in any way with the border to begin with.

Sierra Blanca, Texas

If DHS stopped drugs at the border- the sheriff & the county would have nothing to do with this operation.


1900 miles away- the US Border Patrol has a new $11.9 million, 50 agent facility at Port Angeles, WA.

At Port Angeles, there have been no Border Patrol arrests linked to the US/Canada border in more than 3 years.

Heroin is a concern at Port Angeles.

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DEA, DHS & Heroin at Port Angeles

What role does the Border Patrol play in keeping heroin out of Port Angeles?

A very serious War on Terror

The legal drug dealers sold 371 tons of pills to people who did not need them-

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The Garage Sale Incident

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Photo- Port Hadlock Transit Center