DSCN4652“Barnes says the heroin comes straight up I-5 from Mexico and is one of the cheapest drugs out there.”


Why hasn’t The Dept. of Homeland Security & the surveillance society been able to keep heroin out of Port Angeles?

County-by-county overdose deaths in WA

County  2000-2002 deaths  2009-2011 deaths

Clallam                17                              30

Seems like Clallam County would have an advantage in keeping heroin out.

Port Angeles is home to a new $11.9 million, 50 agent US Border Patrol facility.



What role do 1,200-horsepower Border Patrol Interceptor boats play in keeping heroin away from the Olympic Peninsula?

“… their main interaction with the boating public: Boarding boats and checking for ID, getting a “vibe,” as Jeff P. called it, for what’s up.”

What sort of ID is required to prove innocence away from border crossings and ports of entry?

Special ID cards make it virtually impossible for those who wish to do harm or violate U.S. laws to move heroin into Port Angeles.


Local history-

May, 2013

U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer’s town hall meeting:

“He also urged beefed-up border security.”

The Border Patrol at Port Angeles has made no arrest linked to the US/Canada border in more than 3 years.

Massing agents at the southern edge of the Strait of Juan de Fuca fails to keep heroin out of Port Angeles:

Heroin epidemic gripping Port Angeles

Five suspected heroin-overdose emergencies at Port Angeles in the past 10 days.

Seventh suspected or confirmed heroin overdose that Port Angeles this month.



Our free and independent press recently informed us on Olympic Peninsula US Border Patrol operations.

The article reads like paid advertising or something produced by US Border Patrol public relations.

Most of the photos used in the article were provided by the federal government.

See local Real Estate section:

Patrolling the nation’s borders – the Real Estate section?

More from the same local paper:

‘A gateway to death’

Heroin: Sequim’s drug of choice

Don’t worry-

The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe-


Border Patrol arrest statistics at Port Angeles are secret.

Denied FOIA requests-

“The Border Patrol has refused repeated requests by the Peninsula Daily News — including those made under the Freedom of Information Act — for arrest totals for the Port Angeles station, which covers a territory that includes Clallam and Jefferson counties.”

No secret arrests here:

Cops Bust Woman With 34,500 Bags of Heroin


Much recent talk about whistleblowers.

A local Border Patrol whistleblower had something to say about the Port Angeles Border Patrol station.

The whistleblower investigation resulted in further suppression of information. A proper investigation will reveal the truth- where is the report?


The agent was transferred.

The public did not reach an honest understanding of public policy.

Newspeople never followed up.


Some will say- if the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles was left alone to do its job- priorities would be properly addressed.

Under the old rules- to include suspicionless checkpoints & bus boardings- away from border crossings and ports of entry, language interpretation for the US Forest Service, language translation for local law enforcement agencies, and full, pre-sequestration funding- has the Border Patrol at Port Angeles stopped any heroin from entering the US?

This is not a new concern:

August 28, 2011-

‘Uptick’ in heroin use seen on North Olympic Peninsula


We are told the #1 US Border Patrol objective is to stop terrorists.

The US Border Patrol explains this objective at a local public forum- this YouTube video covers Border Patrol objectives at 3:50

Think terrorists are smart enough to pose as heroin traffickers- then cross into the US free of screening, scanning, pat downs, special IDs, inspection of personal items, etc.

Maybe it’s time for investigative journalists to make appointments, schedule interviews and ask some questions. Suggested topics here: News tip/story idea

If no answers are available, please do a story describing the working relationship you have with the Washington State Patrol, local sheriffs departments and city police departments. Any denied FOIA requests generated by these agencies?  Please compare to the Border Patrol at Port Angeles.


JFK speaks about the role of the press in a free society-



A very serious War on Terror

The legal drug dealers sold 371 tons of pills to people who did not need them-

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The Garage Sale Incident

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