$60 billion in DOD contracting fraud

& see where savings are available to pay fees for healthcare earned by people who volunteered to go to far away places and maybe never come back again.

Make us proud guys-

Army Corps of Engineers can’t produce $1 billion of fuel receipts in Iraq

“The total amount of funds unaccounted for has now reached a staggering $7 billion, officials say — and they warn that the Iraqi government is likely to demand at least some of that money back.”


Elected officials preside over waste & decades of ongoing, undeclared wars overseas- then tell us there is no more money for the traditional DOD military healthcare benefits that were used to entice people to stay for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Senator McCain speaks about military healthcare benefits-

“I have not yet met a single 18-year-old, including my own son . . . who said, ‘Gee, I want to join the Marine Corps because of TRICARE.’ No, they joined the military because they want to serve their country.”

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Thanks for your Service


Senator McCain,

There was a time when Moms & Dads, friends, relatives, folks at church and school- and people with years of military experience- encouraged a younger generation to take a favorable look at making a career of the US Armed Forces.

Even if there was another draft- people would be drafted for an enlistment- not a career.

Good luck with your all-volunteer military.



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