Maybe someday, the people who run the federal government will work to improve credibility.


US Dept. of Homeland Security Port Angeles, WA-

Sentries & watchstanders unable to prevent lone bumbler from penetrating US Coast Guard base- then smoking marijuana in the CO’s quarters aboard 210-foot cutter Active- not to be discovered until hours later at morning colors.


War on Terror Update-

How are terrorists kept out while heroin comes in?


Super Bowl Security 2013

Taking a look at the annual homeland security/war on terror trade show & pre-crime enforcement exhibition.


Good News in the War on Terror-

People trafficking counterfeit sneakers are trying harder than terrorists-


If You See Something, Say Something?

What is the point in having gunboats escorting ferries on Puget Sound if terrorists are free to put their boat on a trailer and drive it onto the ferry?


The Garage Sale Incident

Sensitive Dept. of Homeland Security documents released to the public at a garage sale.


A new 50 agent US Border Patrol station at Port Angeles

Secret arrest statistics, denied FOIA requests & a whistleblower investigation that results in further suppression of information.


Suspicionless, internal checkpoints- away from border crossings and ports of entry- on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula-

Border Patrol checkpoints came to Jefferson County, WA in 2008.

We are told the #1 US Border Patrol objective is to stop terrorists.

The US Border Patrol explains this objective at a local public forum- this YouTube video covers Border Patrol objectives at 3:50

At that same forum a lady asked:

“What is the penalty for not identifying oneself to federal agents at an internal, suspicionless checkpoint?”

US Border Patrol said they would call in the Sheriff when a person refused to identify themselves.

Sheriff says they will not respond to a non-emergency situation involving a person peaceably refusing to interact with federal agents.

Question about providing ID is at 0:35


Checkpoints ended here in 2008- possibly due to well informed citizens and local protests. Looks like they weren’t vital to national security after all.

War on Terror- credibility squandered-

Charges Dropped Against Pot Patient in Possession at Checkpoint


Video collection- DHS checkpoints

Some people object to living in a police state- even if an illegal alien or fake terrorist might be captured.


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US Department of Credibility



Photo- A symbol of freedom & federal government credibility