At Joe’s Bar & Grill, Joe should decide if smoking is OK. Ditto for the use of plastic bags, drug testing, menu contents, choice of lightbulbs, minimum wage, etc.

Not trying to do away with minimum wage, smoking bans or any of the rest.

Business owners should be free to opt in or out.

McDonalds banned indoor smoking in Washington State before they were forced to- imagine that.

Government controls should apply to government facilities.

I am not interested in controlling peaceful & voluntary adult behavior.


I believe in freedom in a general sense- certainly beyond my own personal choices.


Recommendation for a free society-

Stay away from one size fits all mandates.

Let business people make business decisions.

Let customers support or walk away from the businesses of their choosing.



Did Ore. baker break the law when he denied service to same-sex couple?



Duff Goldman, ‘Ace Of Cakes’ Chef, Offers To Bake Rejected Lesbian Couple’s Wedding Cake For Free


If I ran a bakery-

Store policy:

We do quality cakes for all occasions- no customer application/background check required.

Growing numbers of happy customers and building our positive reputation is our goal.

Please tell your friends & contact us at any time.




Dividing people into groups

Freedom Fetish




Happy Hour- Port Hadlock