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Spending just a few moments at major sporting events honoring the troops covers for cutting benefits for those who hung in for multiple tours in Iraq.


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Any public policy related effort to support the troops?


Welcome Home Troops

Public Policy-


“The Pentagon is moving ahead with plans to slash its network of Tricare Prime providers, starting by eliminating the Prime option in three states and two cities in the Tricare West region.”


Military Update

Retirees far from bases to lose Tricare Prime


TRICARE Fees May Increase Again



$60 billion in DOD contracting fraud

& see where savings are available to pay fees for healthcare earned by people who volunteered to go to far away places and maybe never come back again.

Make us proud guys-

Army Corps of Engineers can’t produce $1 billion of fuel receipts in Iraq

“The total amount of funds unaccounted for has now reached a staggering $7 billion, officials say — and they warn that the Iraqi government is likely to demand at least some of that money back.”


Senator McCain-

“I have not yet met a single 18-year-old, including my own son . . . who said, ‘Gee, I want to join the Marine Corps because of TRICARE.’ No, they joined the military because they want to serve their country.”

They didn’t sign up for TRICARE Senator McCain.

They stayed for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and kept reenlisting until they had 20 years in for TRICARE.

They could have left the armed forces to stabilize their lives Re: children in school, home ownership, a chance at decent local jobs for a two income household, family separation, getting shot at, etc.

They stayed in based on what they thought was an honest understanding of the benefits they were earning.


Traditional DOD military healthcare benefits used to entice people to stay for multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan should be written in stone.

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Thanks for your Service