Best case scenario- elected officials, public agencies, & a free and independent press work together to keep people informed.

Asking for clarification/better info is not the same as offering up any sort of conspiracy theory.

More information is better- this is how science and medicine works. Over the years some people have been freed from prison based on new DNA evidence becoming available.
Are the people who took steps to discover that new evidence conspiracy theorists?
Apply this same curiosity and desire for knowledge to some controversial topics and you’ll be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

Why the effort to suppress questions?


The culture of the Marine Corps includes taking a careful look at things that may have gone wrong in order to prevent them from happening again in the future:

Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned


I did not write the header for the video below. If I did, the title would be Fire Investigation Protocols Re: 911



Video- Reporters Doing Promotional & Public Relations Work-

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US Department of Credibility



Photo- Port Hadlock Transit Center