Border Patrol whistleblower pays price for refusing unearned overtime pay

Border agent says there’s nothing to do, says money is being wasted


Public agency reacts by suppressing information.

Port Angeles Border Patrol whistleblower-

Border Patrol agent says Port Angeles ‘Black Hole’

More than a year later-

Oct 2012 update:

GAP Praises Successful OSC Mediation for Border Patrol Whistleblower

“The whistleblower, Christian Sanchez, was stationed at a Port Angeles, Washington office staffed by over 40 employees – an office where there was insufficient work for the prior crew of four.”

“In the settlement, Border Patrol admitted no wrongdoing and a spokesman says its representatives actively worked with Sanchez to find effective solutions to the situation.”

Agency in question makes an inside deal- like negotiating a record contract or signing a business executive-

“terms are confidential.”

Deal results in further suppression of information.

Oversight? Checks and balances?

Reporters asking questions? Not a chance-

Zero reporting on the following questions:

Are fraudulent overtime claims the norm at Port Angeles?

Does the practice still continue?

How long did it go on?

Our Washington State Patrol opened a criminal investigation in a similar case:

State Patrol union rips criminal probe into lieutenant’s overtime pay

Ex-trooper charged with official misconduct for overtime pay



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