Military suicide rates are up. Value of benefits is down-


I have an acquaintance who has had a positive, long term relationship with a mental healthcare professional.

That healthcare professional will not contract with TRICARE after United HealthCare takes over.


It sounds like the tortuous paperwork processing requirements are not worth the low reimbursement rates provided to the mental healthcare professional.

People who have the ability to help others find internal peace realize the strain will be unbearable when the next lowest bidder moves into place.


Welcome Home Troops


What is likely to happen in the case I am familiar with is a continued patient/client relationship based on negotiating a fee- same as people did 100 years ago. This way- none of the patient’s money & none of the healthcare professional’s money will be chopped out by a middleman agency staffed with people who enforce mind-numbing paperwork mandates.


“…low reimbursement rates are the number one reason physicians say they turn away TRICARE beneficiaries.”


TRICARE enrollees face obstacles finding mental health providers


Healthcare fees going up for The Troops who stayed for 20 years-

TRICARE Prime fees to increase Oct. 1

Here is $6-8 billion that could have paid for healthcare fees for people who volunteered to go to far away places and maybe never come back again & those who stayed for multiple tours in Iraq.

Here is another $60 billion that could have gone to pay healthcare fees for those who made a 20 year commitment to whatever wear and tear came their way.



Photo- pre-tsunami debris scene on the Washington Coast