Think about how you would mentor a young person.

Would you encourage them not to get promoted, stay at the lowest possible level and depend on the government to ration out pay raises?

Would you encourage them to remain in a group where superstar performers, average workers, and slackers are all paid the same per government mandate?

Be one of the best, show up on time, hustle, burn the candle at both ends, establish yourself early in life, avoid debt and create some freedom for yourself.

Get yourself promoted at work- just one time- & your pay will no longer be linked to the minimum wage.


Public Places- Paid for with Public Money

At Joe’s Bar & Grill, Joe should decide if smoking is OK. Ditto for the use of plastic bags, drug testing, menu contents, choice of lightbulbs, minimum wage, etc.

Not trying to do away with minimum wage, smoking bans or any of the rest. Business owners should be free to opt in or out.

How about letting private businesspeople use their payroll to offer promotion & bonus incentives to people who perform instead of putting a gun to their head that requires good, bad & average workers to get paid the same because the government says so?


Recommendation for a free society-

Stay away from one size fits all mandates.

Let business people make business decisions.

Let customers support or walk away from the businesses of their choosing.


Minimum Wage machine?

People get more from work than cranking a handle. Experience, on the job training, association with others, the chance to get promoted, etc.

How many people who make better than min. wage would be OK with standing in the corner and cranking the handle for the same pay?


Find 10 successful people.

Ask them if they ever worked for min. wage.

Ask them why they no longer are on it.


McDonalds banned indoor smoking in Washington State before they were forced to- imagine that.