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October 09, 2023

A Very Low Wildfire Year over the Western U.S.

“…if you follow the media and some activist groups, the wildfire threat is getting worse very quickly, with global warming being the major cause!”

“Of course, there is no group that exaggerates wildfire threats more than the Seattle Times and their cartoonist, David Horsey (see below). I do wonder why his wildfire monster wears sunglasses.”

Global warming for all the hype and exaggeration is quite modest at this point….the western U.S. has warmed up by roughly 2F over the past half century with very little change in precipitation. Not enough to profoundly alter the fire situation.”

“The bottom line is that all the scary talk about rapidly rising wildfire threats in our future is really not based on solid facts, and reality is going a different way.”

How many other scary and unfounded predictions have gone viral in the public space? That communists were taking over the universities and government in the 1950s? That Vietnam was a domino requiring intervention? That weapons of mass destruction were hidden in Iraq? We seem to love believing in apocalyptic predictions, whether or not factual information supports them?”


October 10, 2023 By Ron Paul, MD

Will a New House Speaker Solve Our Problems?

“…there is still something satisfying about seeing such a shake-up over the issue of foreign interventionism. After a year and a half and more than $100 billion sent by Biden’s neocons for the proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, finally some Members are starting to wake up and say “no” to demands for even more. These wars instigated by neocons from both parties always end in disaster, but not until they produce much suffering in the countries they claim to want to liberate. They also further punish the middle and working class while enriching the wealthy and well-connected in the military-industrial complex. The cost of this latest war will be hidden in the cruelest tax – inflation – which disproportionately hurts the poor.”


Love to see the mainstream press get out and interview people on various sides of any issue.

Nice example here –

0:41 in the video below:

If ethanol made a lot of sense we wouldn’t have to subsidize it or mandate its consumption:

I want to know what various people are thinking on various issues.


Moving Towards A One Size Fits All Society – Climate And Environment

Information Suppression – The Press is Weak








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