Biden/Harris are weak on the border.

Love to see newspeople ask:

Has any US President, since the first day DHS existed, been able to create any shortage of cartel product, anywhere in the US?

Has increased DHS spending resulted in any shortage of cartel product arriving in Hometown, USA?

Has anyone ever seen the press question Homeland Security funding and performance?

Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for doing time in Iraq and Afghanistan, working to keep a post 911 USA safe & secure.

US-Mexico border update:

Don’t worry-The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe:

Has General Milley’s Operation Macho Swagger reduced access to cartel product anywhere in the US?

Has there been enough time for newspeople to ask questions?

Newspeople remain silent.

April 1, 2020 C-SPAN

WWII costume reminds us of a time before decades of undeclared/unwon wars stacked up.

The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949.

Both major parties and the press appear to be OK with undeclared/unwon wars.

In the news:

June 29th 2023, KOMO News

TSA offers tips to get through Sea-Tac airport checkpoints over record 4th of July weekend

“The Transportation Security Administration anticipates a record number of travelers will be screened through security checkpoints this Fourth of July holiday weekend.”

“However, TSA says people can prepare for a smooth travel experience by keeping some simple reminders top of mind.”

Each agent screens an average of 5,000 passengers per hour on peak days at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).”

Head out early and show up at the airport for security and ID checks?

What keeps the terrorists of the GWOT from creating a disruption at the back end of the screening line?

Has anyone ever seen any member of the press ask questions on this?

Fred Reed December 4, 2015

Security Theater: Customary Federal Pointlessness

“…the intelligence agencies have proved useless. NSA did not prevent the first attack on the Twin Towers in 1993, nor the successful one.”

“What goes on at airports is not security. It is Security Theater. When the government’s own agents try to smuggle “weapons” aboard airliners to test the system, they succeed ninety-five percent of the time.”

“Further, a terrorist doesn’t need to get aboard an airliner to blow up spectacularly. At many airports, hundreds of people line up at ticket counters during peak hours. A carry-on bag of explosive would easily create enough slaughter to shut down air travel and to make international headlines for weeks.”

Warnings at airports that unattended vehicles will be ticketed, towed, and perhaps destroyed are also Security Theater. By the time the vehicle was noticed, and somebody sent to check it out, an easy five minutes would have passed and the driver would be somewhere else. Boom.”

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Welcome Home Troops

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A symbol of newspeople playing along by not asking questions related to Homeland Security funding and performance – no matter who has been in the White House.