About the middle of last week, I took my glass recycling down to drop it off. The clear glass part of the dumpster was full, and I did not want to add my clear glass in with the brown or green glass.

I kept my clear glass and went home and sent an e-mail to the city:

Can you tell me what day glass is picked up at the glass recycle drop off?

I have used the location many times. Just came back (noon on Weds.) from there. The clear glass is maxed out and people are starting to put clear glass in with colored glass.

I will hold off until the bin is emptied before I drop off my clear glass.

Thank you,


Reply from the city:

Hi Name,

I would reach out to (trash company) for this. Phone number of company.

I called the trash company. They were helpful on the phone and said they would have the glass recycling dumpster emptied on Friday.

Went back on Sunday morning. The glass recycling dumpster had been emptied and the sign at the top of the page was posted on the dumpster.

Upcoming elections

The voter guide came with my ballot a few days back. The voter guide is a little confusing to me. I had to look at it more than once to make sense of it.

The ballot shows candidates for North Beach School District School 64 Director District 1 and North Beach School District School 64 Director District 4. Are District 1 and District 4 geographical zones within the North Beach School District? Is there a map to show these zones?

Looking at the School District web site, this is unclear to me.

A day after posting this blog, I was able to find some map info:

Yes, there is a map. I was able to find it here.

North beach School District 64 is much larger than what is shown on the North Beach School District #64 Director District Enlargement here. See the full district here.

On the voter guide, two different terminologies are used to describe school district candidates. Three are running for: North Beach School District Position No. 1

Three are running for: North Beach School District – Director District 4

We have been seeing signs for more than one candidate for mayor posted on the roadside for what seems like several weeks now. The Aug 1st ballot shows no candidates for mayor. Maybe the signs are just posted well in advance of when the vote will be taken for those running for mayor? This seems to be the case.

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