Newspeople refuse to report on results of past gun control measures.

Everett updates here.

Seattle updates here.

Tacoma updates here.

Voting is highly emphasized in American culture. Asking questions related to public policy takes a lower priority.

In a free and honest society, newspeople would be asking questions related to public policy all of the time.


WA voters approved enhanced background checks back in 2014.

The new requirements have had time to take hold.

Did the new requirements reduce gun crimes?

Has there been time for newspeople to ask questions?

Washington Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases, Initiative 594 (2014)

“Furthermore, the initiative rendered it illegal to hand off a firearm to people outside a person’s immediate family, though exceptions were mentioned, including situations in which people are at a shooting range or hunting.”

Has any gun control measure or public policy effort improved the situation over the past 20 years?

What works? What fails?

Newspeople remain silent.


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Americans pay billions of dollars every 12 months for a giant US Dept. of Homeland Security.

Has a wasteful and ineffective US Dept. of Homeland Security reduced access to cartel product anywhere in the US?

Look for newspeople to ask zero questions in this area.

Update – Newspeople Not Asking Questions

Port Angeles Border Patrol – Newspeople Remain Silent


Did Al-Qaeda craft a list of formerly legal weapons and set deadlines for prohibition of future sales? Will General Motors and Budweiser be eliminating products due to drunk driving?

Hostile Forces in Distant Lands