Please see 4:50 in the video below.

Part of the internet says the video was edited.

Forget about what POTUS does here. Watch the faces of the two uniformed military members immediately to his right. Look at the expression on the face of the man holding the football. This looks like something out of an SNL skit.  The smiling woman in uniform awkwardly backs away and moves offstage. The people in the audience quickly get to their feet as if startled when POTUS walks down the aisle.

Is this the way the event was rehearsed?

White House event video shows same:

We are hearing that no primary debates will take place.

Many comments are posted with the video above.

Foreign media describes elder abuse:

Foreign media again. From comments:

Biden is the Grandpa you don’t leave alone in a house because he turns on the stove and forgets about it

Here’s a crisp military review in Poland.

Welcome Home Troops

Other events here.

Comments from video above:

It’s like pulling a random person from the nursing home and letting them be president.”

Quite a grab bag of videos on the web now. Different events and different sources. View them here.








Something from the last century.