I went to the Doctor the other day. It’s a mechanical process, like an auto factory assembly line. I know there are good doctors out there. I have moved around a lot and I am still looking.

My feeling is that many work in a clinic or facility where they make money ordering up testing, drugs and surgery.

Every other ad on TV is for meds that come with quality of life threatening side effects. These advertisements are not a good look for the medical profession.

How about legal anti-depression meds that may bring on thoughts of suicide (0:34)

I am the sort of person who would rather hear the truth about where I need to improve my health through my own behaviors. I question the idea that my life is missing pills.

The other day, the doctor reviewed blood labs and presented me with a prescription for two medications.

No discussion about have I been on any similar meds before and had that worked out OK, did I experience side effects, etc. No medical opinion offered about where I am at. Just pills.

I asked if I had an option on the meds. I said I would like to go home and study before starting new prescriptions. At this point the Dr. became huffy with me. Asking questions was a disruption to the assembly line mandated by insurance protocols.

The Dr. seems to function as an employee in all this.

The original reason I went to see the Dr. In mid-November was to get a referral for skin cancer. I had surgery to remove facial skin cancer several years ago. The Dr. was ready to conclude his time with me. He told me to study away. He told me to have a nice spring. I reminded him that my original reason for being seen in November was to get a referral for a skin cancer evaluation.

90 days later, the referral had not been properly processed.

Several superstar performers work at this facility. Staff who are on top of their jobs and have people skills, communication skills, and cheerful attitudes. These people were the highlight of my visit to the facility. Unfortunately, you will not get out of the building without interacting with someone who will make and leave an impression that could suck the life out of you.


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