Perhaps just hours after the back to school season had ended, we went out to do some shopping on Sept 6th, 2022 in Aberdeen, Washington. It was a beautiful, warm and summerlike day. I would call this time of year late summer or early September.

All of the photos here are from today’s outing. The image above is a lighted tree display. The lights were well done and they were flashing.

I grew up in the 60s and 70s. Halloween was less controversial then. I seem to remember more in the way of scary decorations and themes. Today, we see more of this:

There was plenty of Halloween candy, but the word Halloween did not appear on any of the packaging, unless I missed it. Has it always been this way?

This item lets us know what season it was intended for. Has it always been labeled like this?

All set for Christmas 2022:

Watermelons are looking good too.

Pick your season:

Mom and Dad would buy this one when we were kids. Still looks like the price is right.