Some random thoughts and questions:

Anytime there is a plane crash, a loss at sea, or an industrial accident, a thorough investigation takes place. Lessons learned are used to prevent future events.

Mass shootings seem to go straight from breaking news of the event to scenes of memorials near where the event happened, interviews of victim’s family members and statements from various politicians. The crime scene investigation seems not to be a priority for the press. If we wait for an entire year, will that be enough time to ask questions?

People who are interested in having questions asked and people who want clarification and better information seem to be scolded/shamed or accused of advancing conspiracy theories.

The press should be out asking questions all of the time.

Here are some questions we’d like to see newspeople ask:

LE authorities are very good about showing off what they have seized after a major drug bust.

Will we ever see what 58 magazines and 1,657 rounds of ammunition looks like, even if we wait for 12 months?

How much space would 58 magazines and 1,657 rounds of ammunition take up? What is the weight of 58 magazines and 1,657 rounds of ammunition? Looks like about 13 pounds of ammo.

13 pounds of ammo could be manageable. Seems like 58 magazines might be bulky.

Looks like we are told the Texas school shooter crashed his vehicle, regained his composure, and then moved this load across the road and into the school on foot?


May 27, 2022 Texas Tribune

“The wrong decision”: Texas DPS says local police made crucial error as school shooting continued

“The shooter fled in his grandmother’s pickup truck and crashed it in a ditch near the school at 11:28 a.m. He was carrying 58 magazines and 1,657 rounds of ammunition, McCraw said.”


Dad has a plan:

Alternative media is OK with asking questions.


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