POTUS begins to make a statement/answer questions from one or more reporters:

The video below is very critical of Biden. As usual, we have a few questions that never seem to come up. These are questions that are more about the federal government than any political party or personality. Our questions appear in bold type.

Why does any presidential administration need a Director of Message Planning?


Sports Culture Tends to be Open and Honest

Reporters are free to ask hard questions and write stories about teams, players, managers and coaches in sports.

Love to see general public policy, foreign policy, etc. reported on by sports writers.

Sept. 18, 2021 Seattle Times

After two frustrating losses, the dam finally breaks in Washington’s 52-3 win over Arkansas State

“Without a doubt, there is work to be done. But after eight quarters of catastrophes, this felt like progress. There needs to be more as Washington enters Pac-12 play.”

Sports writers are OK with being critical of coaches, teams, players, the rule book, the league, referees, team owners, when the season starts and ends, etc.

After each game, the press has access to coaches and players. All sorts of information is available all of the time.

In government, it is fully understood that people will not have access to complete information through everyday channels.

Ever hear of a Freedom of Information Act Request in sports? How about a denied FOIA request?

Ever see a pro football coach or quarterback refer reporters to his press secretary for answers? Presidents do so on a daily basis. Professionals are hired to provide only the desired version of answers to questions.

Ever see a pro football coach or quarterback refer reporters to a public information officer for answers to questions?

Any Director of Message Planning to manage post-game interviews?


Responding to questions:

Why is the federal government involved in Easter events?


JFK speaks about the role of the press in a free society:

Recent items of note:

From a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel 

April 16, 2022 by wjastore

Can’t I Just Watch Baseball?

“The first ceremony was a moment of silence for those suffering from the Ukraine war. Ukrainians were mentioned; Russians weren’t. (I guess Russians aren’t suffering from the war.) The second ceremony marked a long trip to America for a Ukrainian refugee, a celebration, I suppose, of America’s willingness to let in a few refugees from that war. There’s nothing wrong with this, but what does it have to do with baseball? Why is it being celebrated on opening day at Fenway Park?

There is no place for such brazenly political ceremonies at a baseball game. It’s all emotional manipulation and state propaganda.”


Alternative media is still free to ask questions:


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