May 13th 2021 KATU

Biden team aware of political perils from pipeline shutdown

“The Biden administration swung aggressively into action after a primary gasoline pipeline fell prey to a cyberattack — understanding that the situation posed a possible series of political and economic risks.”

Aggressively swinging into action after hackers shutdown pipeline which delivers about 45% of the East Coast’s gas.

Questions for newspeople:

Did fusion centers, a $49.8 billion US Dept. of Homeland Security or DOD cybersecurity units play any role in preventing these crimes?

Sept 17, 2020 DOD

DOD Works to Increase Cybersecurity for U.S., Allies

“There are also cyber criminals who pose a growing threat from their use of ransomware to extort money from local and state governments as well as the commercial sector, she said.”


Also from KATU

$49.8 billion US Dept. of Homeland Security unable to keep drug kingpin from moving fentanyl, heroin, and meth from Mexico into the Pacific Northwest.

Zero questions from newspeople.

May 12, 2021

Drug trafficking suspect charged with bringing fentanyl, meth from Mexico to Oregon


The press release style of news reporting means that a statement is prepared by whatever agency was involved in the latest drug bust/federal grant money award, etc. Newspeople post this statement as is.

A 5th grade book report would require more in the way of asking questions.

Press Release Style of News Reporting


Questions for newspeople:

If sending US troops to Afghanistan and creating a $49.8 billion US Dept. of Homeland Security was meant to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things, why are drug cartels able to move product into all 50 states?

Source: DEA High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program

“There are currently 33 HIDTAs, and HIDTA-designated counties are located in 50 states, as well as in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia.”

Look for newspeople to ask zero questions in this area.

DEA’s drug threat report: Mexican cartel flooding Northwest with fentanyl

Source: March 2, 2021 KTVZ


Welcome Home Troops

Thanks for risking your ass in Iraq & Afghanistan-working to keep bad people from coming here to do bad things.

Don’t worry-The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe:


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