Puget Sound area shootings roll on.

April 11, 2021 KOMO News

Toddler among 4 wounded in Central District shooting

“SEATTLE — Four people were hurt, including a 2-year-old girl, when gunfire erupted near Seattle’s Central District neighborhood Sunday afternoon, police said.”

“We heard at least 12 maybe even up to two dozen gun shots,” said Dustin Cole, who lives nearby.

If enhanced background checks reduce gun crimes, why does the Puget Sound area press avoid reporting or providing updates on enhanced background checks years after they have been put in place?

WA voters approved enhanced background checks back in 2014.

The new requirements have had time to take hold.

Did the new requirements reduce gun crimes?

Has there been time for newspeople to ask questions?

A well regulated militia?

WA 2014 Enhanced Background Checks – Newspeople Remain Silent



More Voting and TV News Will Make It Better?

4 Stories The Puget Sound Press Will Not Question Or Report On


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