Wednesday, May 6, 2020 The Washington Times

CBS denies staging scene of lengthy coronavirus testing line

CBS News has denied faking a scene of novel coronavirus testing in Michigan by padding the drive-thru line with clinic workers to make the health center look busier than it was, as alleged in a Project Veritas expose released Wednesday.”

“In a statement to the Washington Times, CBS News denied that the crew staged such a scene, which would be a clear breach of journalistic ethics.”

The network said that nobody involved with the story featuring on-camera reporter Adriana Diaz was aware that anyone in the line was a clinic employee, but discovered after contacting Cherry Health that at least one staffer was involved in padding the line.”

The segment, called “Michigan Ramps Up Testing” and introduced by “CBS Morning News” host Gayle King, focused on the importance of expanded testing as the state seeks to reopen after shutting down vast swaths of the economy for the coronavirus.”


Did CBS ask questions on the day they showed up in Grand Rapids to report on this story?

Were no questions asked Re:

How many people arrived for testing on that day?

From how far away were some of these people traveling to be tested?

What was the average wait time after arriving for testing?

Did CBS interview any of the people who came to be tested on that day?

Did CBS obtain or review any records of testing conducted on that day?

If CBS had asked more basic questions, in order to inform the public, CBS may have had a better understanding of the situation before they aired the story.


May 6, 2020 WOOD TV8 News Video

Expert: Accusations of staged COVID-19 test line fodder for doubters

This just provides more reason for people to doubt what they see on the news — and not just on CBS — but this doesn’t do anybody any good,” Tompkins told News 8. “The viewer, who already is skeptical, or maybe even cynical, now is able to point to this to say, ‘Oh wait, those lines aren’t real.’”

“CBS removed the Grand Rapids video from its online report, but as of Wednesday evening did not include information about the change to the story on its website.”


May 6, 2020 The Washington Post

CBS News edits testing story after Project Veritas exposes clinic’s line-stuffing ploy


From Project Veritas:


MAY 06, 2020 Project Veritas

CBS News This Morning’ Aired Faked COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing Site Line of Cars

MAY 06, 2020 Project Veritas



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