Remember the old tradition of having your Halloween candy X-rayed?

It is still a good idea.

Before the kids are allowed to eat any candy- round them up and carpool with neighbors to the hospital, courthouse or law enforcement HQ to get the loot X-rayed.

The X-ray will reveal any needles, razor blades, or metal filings in the treats.

Is there a test for weed killer or rat poison? Ask about it.

Cold War era ritual lives on:


Casper, Wyoming

“The WMC’s Urgent Care East is offering free X-rays of Halloween candy from 3-11 pm Oct. 31-Nov. 1.”


Dale City, Virginia

Patient First to Offer Free Candy X-Rays Oct. 26 to Nov. 3


Southern Maryland

“Patient First Providing Halloween Safety Tips and Offering Free Candy X-Rays October, 26 to November 3, 2019


Multiple locations in Maryland

Free Halloween Candy X-rays Offered In Glen Burnie


Odenton, Maryland

Free Halloween Candy X-rays Offered By Odenton Medical Center”


Temple, Texas

CTX emergency rooms X-raying Halloween candy for sharp objects

“While your trick-or-treating, I know it’s probably tempting to grab some and start eating, but please check what the kids are eating before they eat it.”


Richmond, Virginia

Patient First offering free X-ray of Halloween candy


Dayton, Ohio

“Mont. Co. coroner to offer free x-ray scans of Halloween candy”

“It is about keeping our kids safe,” says Dr. Kent Harshbarger. “The public hears horror stories of razor blades being in candy that their child received from Trick or Treating and this is a great free way to make sure that all the candy is safe from this hazard.”

Make an appointment folks:

“An appointment is highly suggested. You can schedule one by calling…”


Houston, Texas

“Memorial Village ER to offer Halloween candy X-ray screenings”

The event from 5-8 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 31, will feature X-ray screenings of Halloween candy to look for any foreign objects such as glass or metal before the children (and parents) partake. Children will learn about how the X-ray machines work.”

Event ends at 8pm, so hurry up & get over there.

“The event will discuss safety tips and hand out safety reflectors to keep children safe as they walk the streets in the evening hours. And of course, there will be candy on hand, too.”

OK- so, go twice. On the first visit you can grab some safety reflectors and listen to a discussion of safety tips. Come back later for X-rays.


Burke County, Georgia

“Burke County offering to x-ray Halloween candy for trick or treaters”

“Bennerman and the Burke County Sheriff’s Office will be using these metal detectors to make sure the candy is safe to eat.”

“The scanner can pick up all types of metal things, thumbtacks, gym clips, needles, and any type of metal devices.”


Henrico County, Virginia

Patient First offers free safety blinkers, Halloween candy x-rays


Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!



Scary is OK for Halloween-

Halloween Safety Tips 2019

Stay in your homes and wait for further instructions.



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