Feb 26, 2019 KNBN-TV

South Dakota Army National Guard receives award for Environmental Security

“The SDARNG has saved over $15,000 in tipping fees by diverting solid waste from the landfill,” said Emily Beck, SDARNG environmental compliance and conservation manager.

It’s hard to tell who is making the award here. Is SDARNG presenting themselves with an award?


Elsewhere in South Dakota Air National Guard news:

Nov 4, 2018 Rapid City Journal

Firefighting foam contaminates millions of gallons of Sioux Falls water

“Today, 19 municipal wells sit dormant. Chemicals linked to cancer and other health maladies have contaminated 15 of those wells, including 10 with concentrations above what the Environmental Protection Agency deems safe. Foam use by the South Dakota Air National Guard and Sioux Falls Fire Department is the cause.”


Nov 4, 2018 Rapid City Journal

The toxic legacy of firefighting foam

“In Sioux Falls, 19 city wells have been shut down at Sioux Falls Regional Airport due to contamination from foam use by the South Dakota National Air Guard and Sioux Falls Fire Department.”


Nov. 9, 2018 Argus Leader

50 years later, Sioux Falls manages contaminated water from toxic firefighting foam

“The South Dakota Air National Guard and the Sioux Falls Fire Department both used the toxic firefighting foam for many years near the airport, which led to the contamination of the city’s drinking water.”



Dec 16, 2015 The Intercept

Toxic Firefighting Foam Has Contaminated U.S. Drinking Water


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