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February 14, 2019 KING 5 News

Washington state’s backlog of gun records may go from bad to worse

“Currently, there are 550,000 gun purchase paper forms awaiting manual entry; covering handgun purchases made approximately within the last three years.”

“That means law enforcement officers who access the database can’t be sure it reflects whether or not an individual citizen has access to guns. Before making arrests or serving warrants, police and deputies often use the state database to look up whether the person they are looking for owns a firearm.”

November 7, 2018 KING 5 News

Half-million handgun records missing from Washington database

“The backlog means that pistols purchased at Washington gun stores as far back as three years ago have not been entered into the system.”

Legal guns come from various sources other than being purchased at WA gun stores.

Many people own guns that have been passed down in families or were purchased new in decades past.

People who own guns move here from out of state.

How would any of these firearms show up in a WA State database?


WA voters approved enhanced background checks back in 2014. Did Initiative 594 contribute to the database backlog? Has Initiative 594 reduced incidents of gun related violence anywhere in Washington State? Any reporting or updates on this?

When is the last time the Washington State Department of Licensing gun registration database was running without a backlog?

Back in 2014 – Initiative 594 – Attempting to comply:

In Seattle- gang members are not showing up to comply with strict background check protocols approved by voters in Nov of 2014.

Aug, 2015-

Police say much of the rise in gun violence in Seattle area due to gangs


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