Think back to the long 2016 primary season. Think of the recent midterm elections. Some issues just don’t show up for debate or discussion.

What stays the same no matter what political party or personality is in power?


Undeclared/unwon wars that never end:

Not on the Agenda – America’s Wars Are a Non-Factor in Today’s Midterm Elections by Maj. Danny Sjursen Posted on November 06, 2018

“…on the profound issues of war and peace, there is precious little daylight between the two parties. That, right there, is a formula for perpetual war.”

Is post-Vietnam guilt OK with undeclared/unwon wars that never end?

The Department of Defense track record for winning undeclared wars goes back to 1949.


The Heroin Racket:

Homeland Security Meth/Heroin Racket Rolls On


A secretive, wasteful, and ineffective US Dept. of Homeland Security:

US Border Patrol, Port Angeles, WA

An upgrade in staff requiring a new, $11.9 million, 50 agent facility. Secret arrest statistics, denied FOIA requests, heroin in the community, no cross-border USBP arrest in more than 8 years, fraudulent overtime claims, 1,200-horsepower interceptor boats and zero questions from the press.

If you run a government operation- these are the reporters you want to see on interview day:

More here:

News tip/story idea


The ongoing glorification of military service.


Federal prohibition of hemp and marijuana.


Newspeople who do not ask questions.

Newspeople Ask Questions If It’s A Sports Story

Sports Culture Tends to be Open and Honest

JFK speaks about the role of the press in a free society:


Guantanamo prison.

“…they swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution.”

How Do The Troops Defend The Constitution?

Not asking about the oath of enlistment. Asking about what happens after the oath has been taken.


Promotion of Corn Ethanol

What is ethanol fuel and why is it bad for your small engine outdoor power equipment?


Mechanics see ethanol damaging small engines


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Photo- Port Hadlock Transit Center