“Turmoil inside KOMO News as conservative owner Sinclair mandates talking points”

I’d have more respect for local TV news stations if there was more in the way of investigative reporting & newspeople asking questions.


Zero questions asked Re: the US Dept. of Homeland Security/CBP role in keeping heroin away from the Puget Sound area. Local law enforcement agencies may benefit when the US Dept. of Homeland Security fails to keep heroin out of the US:

KOMO News “Heroin busts could finance police construction in Snohomish”

US Border Patrol, Port Angeles, WA-

A new, $11.9 million, 50 agent facility, secret arrest statistics, denied FOIA requests, heroin in the community & a Border Patrol whistleblower investigation Re: fraudulent overtime that resulted in further suppression of information- keep the focus on asking questions in these areas.

No cross-border USBP arrest has happened here in more than 7 years.

Newspeople, reporters and journalists are free to ask basic public policy questions and post updated reports at any time.

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Whidbey Heroin:

“The 29-year-old is homeless and has been a heroin addict for the past six years.”

Federal grant money goes to “…gain a better grasp on cross border activity and to prevent illegal crossings.”

“Funding for the boat was issued through the Homeland Security Grant Program under Operation Stonegarden.”

Has the Island County Homeland Security-funded patrol boat been able to intercept any inbound heroin?

Has the Island County Homeland Security-funded patrol boat been involved in any arrest or seizure related in any way to the US/Canada border?

Whidbey Homeland Security Grant Money- Newspeople Remain Silent

More here:

Puget Sound Heroin – Newspeople Remain Silent



The script says opiod crisis.

The news tells us that various states cracked down on the availability meth ingredients several years back.

Now- cartels are moving meth into the US:

“Meth’s evolution in Tenn.: From homemade labs to Mexican super drug”

“They are filling the void, Jordan said with super-strength crystal meth produced in super labs in Mexico.”

“Ohio’s largest meth bust: 140 pounds of methamphetamine seized from warehouse in Summit County”

The script tells us that we’re seeing a big law enforcement success story when federal agents swing into action to nab 140 pounds of methamphetamine after product moved past strict post 911 security protocols and federal agents staffing a $40.6 billion US Dept. of Homeland Security.

Do the good guys who made the local bust notify the good guys at the border about the weak links in their process? Check the script.

Dec 2, 2017

Meth-related overdose deaths hit record number in WV

“…crystal meth from Mexico has become the preferred choice among users.”

“We’re seeing a lot more meth, and it’s a different kind of meth than we were seeing five or six years ago,” Gupta said. “There’s a push from the cartels to get these drugs out there.”

More here: CBP Human Resources update


War on Terror:

The US Dept. of Homeland Security “stops an average of 7 known or suspected terrorists a day – 50 a week- trying to come to our country.”

Question for newspeople: With such an impressive handle on US Dept. of Homeland Security performance- why do Heroin-Trafficking Cartels continue to move product into local communities?

Any newspeople available to ask where the “…7 known or suspected terrorists a day – 50 a week…” statistic comes from? Do we need to look for the script?

More from The US Dept. of Homeland Security:


The Troops:

TV networks may be prone to emphasize the idea that everyone who shows up is a hero. They’re not about to ask any questions about the Department of Defense track record for winning undeclared wars since DOD was established in 1949.

Tearful reunions and spreading the idea that it’s for your freedoms helps to normalize failed wars that never end.

“These folks paid the price when they go off and defend our freedoms all over the globe. It makes me feel very good to be able to say thanks to the people who will still step up and get the job done and fight for the freedoms that we enjoy here in the united states.”

Undeclared/unwon wars that never end?


The purpose is to protect our freedoms:

TV newspeople around to question any of this? Not a chance.


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