Remember the old tradition of having your Halloween candy X-rayed?

It is still a good idea.

Before the kids are allowed to eat any candy- round them up and carpool with neighbors to the hospital to get the loot X-rayed.

The X-ray will reveal any needles, razor blades, or metal filings in the treats.

Is there a test for weed killer or rat poison? Ask about it.

Cold War era ritual lives on:


Franklin County, Kentucky

Franklin Co. Sheriff Will X-Ray Halloween Candy


Honolulu, Hawaii

Amid concerns about tainted treats, vet clinic offers free x-rays for Halloween candy


Lucas County, Ohio

Lucas County Sheriff Office to screen Halloween candy



AFC Urgent Care offers free candy X-rays for Halloween

“AFC is offering this service at its Cleveland, Ooltewah, Gunbarrel and Hixson locations Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.”


Reno, Nevada

The day after Halloween, on Wednesday, Nov. 1, the sheriff’s office says it will offer free Halloween candy X-ray screening at the Washoe County District Courthouse and the Mills Lane Justice Center.”

Make sure your highly excitable youngsters do not eat any Halloween candy until after you have transported it to the X-ray screening site- the day after Halloween.


Knoxville, Tennessee

Halloween candy X-rays available in East Tennessee


Kansas City, Missouri

The Urgency Room will X-ray your child’s Halloween candy for free this year


Casper, Wyoming

Community Health to Inspect Casper Kids’ Candy this Halloween

Hurry up and get your trick-or-treating done, because X-ray screening happens on Halloween day from 6-8 pm.

“X-raying the candy ensures there’s nothing inside the candies.”


Hancock County, West Virginia

West Virginia sheriff’s department offering to x-ray Halloween candy

“It can detect almost anything including unwanted items like screws or razors.”


Norfolk, Virginia

Patient First offers to examine Halloween candy for free


Hampton Roads, Virginia

Patient First to offer free Halloween candy X-ray screenings


Grant County, Washington

“The hospital will also be offering candy safety checks from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Halloween. Community members can bring candy gathered by their children to the Radiology Department where staff will x-ray the candy and ensure safety.”


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Patient First offers free digital X-ray screenings for Halloween candy


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Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!