A big story on an important topic:

Whidbey News-TimesWhidbey struggles with confronting opioid use
Aug 22nd, 2017 2:23pm

Whidbey News-Times: Opinion: Vigilantism isn’t the solution to opioid abuse problem
Tue Aug 22nd, 2017 2:30pm

South Whidbey RecordWhidbey’s war on drugs
Wed Aug 23rd, 2017 6:00am

As of 6:00am on Thursday, Aug 24th- these three articles display a total of zero comments. Neither paper shows these articles on their Facebook news feed.

Whidbey News-Times has not posted on Twitter since 19 Jan 2016.

Later in the day- Aug 24th, 2017

South Whidbey Record asks in their Facebook news feed:

“What do you think about vigilantism and its popular new weapon, public shaming?”

No thanks on this contained choice.

I’ve had comments blocked/deleted/censored in the past by Whidbey papers.

My comments contained no hate speech, insults, threats, foul language, attacks on other commenters, etc.

Wonder how many other comments were deleted? Some details here.

Love to see local papers encourage more discussion on important topics.

Love to see more in the way of newspeople asking questions and doing investigative stories.


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