If drug dogs are effective at the border- how are large quantities of heroin, cocaine & meth moved into US communities?

A huge success for the good guys-

In the news: Drug dog sniffs out $2.1 million in cocaine at Texas border checkpoint

Border drug dogs not on duty?


Mexican and Honduran drug cartels say No Thanks to strict post 911/War on Terror security protocols, a $40.6 billion US Dept. of Homeland Security, and verification of passports/enhanced & Real IDs- as they move 26 pounds of cocaine, 36 pounds of heroin and 12 pounds of meth into Utah.

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Eight kilos of cocaine, valued at $800,000 is now out of the hands of a suspected drug trafficker. Early yesterday morning Lowndes County deputies stopped a Ford Taurus heading North on I-75 for weaving in and out of traffic.”


“A major bust blows the lid off cocaine trafficking in Lea County.”

“At least six agencies took part in the crackdown that netted a whopping 16 pounds of cocaine.”

Spokane County:

“Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said investigators recovered more than 20 weapons in addition to large amounts of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.”

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Welcome Home Troops

“…fatal heroin overdoses in the U.S. last year broke all previous records, the U.N.’s recently released World Drug Report 2017 found.”


Border drug dogs not on duty?

Washington Post

The No. 1 reason why Trump’s wall won’t fix the drug problem

“Drugs that flow across the Southwest border, like heroin, are primarily transported through existing border checkpoints via cars and trucks. Those checkpoints will be there whether the wall gets built or not.”

“Mexican drug cartels “transport the bulk of their drugs over the Southwest border through ports of entry (POEs) using passenger vehicles or tractor trailers,” the DEA writes in its 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment.”


Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly:

“In congressional testimony in April, Kelly acknowledged that illegal drugs coming across the Mexican border “mostly come through the ports of entry” and other routes that would not directly be impacted by the construction of a blockade.”

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The Super Bowl and public affairs will be safe.

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