Thanks for your service.

In the news:

“Top Navy officials charged in ‘staggering’ bribery scheme involving classified information, officials say”

“…charged with trading classified information in exchange for travel, dinner and prostitution services from a foreign defense contractor…”


“Marine Corps Officials Struggle to Explain Photo Scandal to Senators”

“Gen. Neller responded by acknowledging that the Marine Corps needs to change, while offering few further details.”

“This is a problem with our culture…I don’t have a good answer for you,” Gen. Neller said, stumbling over his words. “That’s a lame answer ma’am, but that’s all — that’s the best I can tell you right now.”


American culture is weak-minded.

Some believe that all who wear uniforms are heroes. It’s always good as part of a marketing and advertising campaign.

You don’t have to look too far to find comments that refer to the troops as “heroes.”

Some are.

No one who did time in an average military unit would be comfortable with everyone present being called a hero. Some units would be the exception, but for most people who did time over the years, calling everyone a hero would have no connection to reality.
Reality, and an honest understanding of why we send The Troops to far away places isn’t what we’re about though.

Reaching for an honest understanding of US foreign policy makes more sense than “Thanks for your service.”


Growing up in the 60s & 70s- veterans were all around- church, school, Boy Scout leaders, family, the neighborhood, etc. It was all just an average thing. These folks weren’t seen as a separate part of American society.

People weren’t stepping over to say “Thanks for your service” to my Dad- who did time in the Navy in the 50s- but looked just like anyone else out in public.

These guys didn’t have separate parking places at the grocery store or over at the hardware store.

These guys weren’t lining up for free dinner promotions marketed by major restaurant chains.

Veteran’s Day 2014:

Huge number of comments Re: what sort of ID is proper to get free & discounted stuff-

Meet some veterans who have become disgruntled Re: discount availability:

“Home Depot No Longer Honors all Veterans”

Well done guys.

Where are the veterans who don’t want free meals, discounts, head of the line privileges at the airport, etc.

Veterans Day was established in 1954, after Armistice Day was tossed out. How many US wars have been won since then?

More here: Ongoing Militarization of American Culture


Maybe it’s time to start thinking of people as individuals, rather than as members of a group.

It’s not just The Troops. Stories of police misconduct are easy to find, along with former school teachers convicted as sex offenders after engaging in sexual encounters with their students, Border Patrol fraudulent overtime requests, corruption, etc.

More here: The Sound of Freedom is an Urban Legend


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