DSC_0002_005 How many of these folks have been available to question failed wars that never end?

Was “The Boss” available to question failed wars the never end?

WDRB News:

“The Boss” is questioning whether President-elect Donald Trump is ready to take office.

How about Rosie O’Donnell?

KBOI 2 News:

Rosie O’Donnell: Donald Trump is ‘mentally unstable’

Have these folks been available to march on failed wars that never end?

Was Michael Moore available to question failed wars the never end?

Michael Moore to Help Lead Trump Inauguration Protest


American Sports Culture-

American culture is quick to question sports teams, players, coaches & officials when things do not go well. Some call for firings of coaches and referees.

Why the constant support for The Troops defending American rights & freedoms when the reality is that the US is involved in failed wars that never end?

The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949. How many US wars have been won since then?

More here: Ongoing Militarization of American Culture


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High levels of reverence for the flag?

Meanwhile, Heroin-Trafficking Cartels Move Product into Washington State

Groupthink Alternative

US Department of Credibility

Newspeople will not question the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles?

Our free and independent press has stopped asking questions.

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