DSCN8231 Uncle Sam had a supply & demand problem. Not enough California National Guard troops wanted to re-enlist and leave the state they had signed up to serve so they could go to fight in failed wars that never end.

Maybe bonus money would help?

“A scandal over the California National Guard’s use of bonus money was first unearthed in 2010, when the Sacramento Bee reported that its incentive program had misspent as much as $100 million. The program’s onetime leader, former Master Sgt. Toni Jaffe, was later sentenced to 30 months in prison, after pleading guilty to making $15 million in false claims.”

More to pledge allegiance to:

“But investigators uncovered rampant fraud and mismanagement by California Guard officials trying to meet enlistment targets.”

Effort to take back bonus cash is now on hold:

“Citing a duty to keep promises to service members, Carter said he’s ordering the Pentagon’s Defense Finance and Accounting Service to “suspend all efforts to collect reimbursement from affected California National Guard members” until he’s satisfied that the process has become more efficient and fair.”

This means The Troops will find out later if they get to keep the cash or get back any of the money they have already returned:

“Christopher Van Meter earned a Purple Heart for his sacrifice in Iraq, where he was hurled from an armored vehicle. But he, too, is making enormous sacrifices for the state Guard’s mistake.”

“We were paying upward $1,300 a month back to that recoupment,” he said. “We weren’t able to afford everything — food for the kids, a day care.”


With all that extra incentive cash- was the war in Iraq or Afghanistan ever won?

Here in the next few weeks- school teachers will again make arrangements to instruct small children Re: US foreign policy.

Each November, school teachers across America host Veterans Day assemblies– and promote the idea that The Troops are in distant lands- fighting for American rights and freedoms:

Veterans, not politicians, ‘give us the right to vote,’ observers at Amherst Veterans Day ceremonies told

It turns out The Troops were in no hurry to enable all adults to act on their right to vote.

US Military operations conducted in the 1940s, 50s & 60s didn’t get the job done.

It wasn’t until July of 1971 that 18 year old adults could take delivery on one of the freedoms we hear so much about.

Why the need for a 1965 Voting Rights Act if WWII military operations somehow secured voting rights?

Will any of the students ask questions?

The world’s most modern & powerful military force has had their hands full for years now trying to pacify the locals in the Greater Middle East.

We’ve got such a good handle on the situation- National Guard units are doing multiple tours in distant lands– absent any military emergency, draft, or declaration of war.

The Department of Defense track record goes back to 1949. How many US wars have been won since then?


Many veterans claim to have served to protect American rights & freedoms.

How does this work?

Do the US Armed Forces function as some sort of giant civil rights organization?

Black people were still riding at the back of the bus after the big WWII victory.

Women were not allowed full voting rights at the end of WWI.

Were US troops sent to Vietnam so that Americans could be free to send letters to the editor?

Is there any case in which the US Armed Forces have been sent to distant lands on a mission to protect freedom of speech?

Is protecting freedom of speech even part of training scenarios?

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Our free and independent press has stopped asking questions.

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