DSC_0014 Almost time to celebrate independence from a powerful, central government.

What’s that government been up to lately?

ABC video- newspeople play the role of federal public affairs personnel:

Take a VIP trip over Iraq- no questions asked.

2:25 “That’s some sound of freedom right there.”

Because freedom comes from decades of undeclared/unwon wars overseas, a 3rd try in Iraq, a no-show on 911, etc.

Video: ‘Orlando Will Be Repeated,’ and ‘No Place Is Safe,’ Former ISIS Captive Warns Congress


National Guard units are doing multiple tours in distant lands– absent any military emergency, draft, or declaration of war.

You folks who may want to question using the National Guard as an instrument of US foreign policy- just remember- you wouldn’t have the freedom to post your nonsense on the web if it wasn’t for decades of undeclared/unwon wars in distant lands.

National Guard Chief Nominee Says New World Requires Agile Forces

“Since 9/11, the operational National Guard has mobilized roughly 780,000 times in support of the war,” Lengyel said.


Homeland Security grant money to support panhandling patrols:
“He said an Operation Stonegarden grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, targeted for increased overall enforcement around international ports, will help fund overtime for the patrols.”


B-52 bombers pounding Islamic State at faster pace, Welsh says


Carrier Truman breaks record for ISIS strikes


Nominee to lead AFRICOM: Military lacks ‘grand strategy’ in Libya


Supreme Court gives police more power to stop and question people


Decades Later, Sickness Among Airmen After a Hydrogen Bomb Accident


Tens of thousands protest on Okinawa to close key U.S. bases in Japan


July 4 to be subdued at US bases on Okinawa


This JBLM general wants Seattle to remember that it too is a military town

“…Lanza’s out to bridge a military-civilian divide that he worries has deepened since the nation moved to an all-volunteer force after the Vietnam War.”
Not sure that special parking spaces away from the base help with the military-civilian divide.
The Troops have no special parking spots on base- why move to divide people up into groups of first & second-class citizens away from the base?
I understand this is not a military policy- just wondering what attitudes are out there Re: what some may see as head of the line privileges.


Joint Chiefs of Staff– please look into this:

No-Fly List Offers No Hope for Correcting Mistakes, Judge Rules

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Ongoing Militarization of American Culture

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Newspeople will not question the US Border Patrol at Port Angeles?

Our free and independent press has stopped asking questions.

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