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Feb, 2016-

U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer calls for greater rural access to opioid overdose antidote

“…Clallam County’s opioid overdose death rate is nearly twice the state average…”

“While opioid use has no boundaries, limited public transportation, a lack of treatment facilities and long distances between health care providers can make it difficult for those who live in rural communities to access necessary drug treatment,” Kilmer wrote in his letter.”

Limited public transportation does not seem to slow down the folks who move heroin across US borders and into local communities.


May, 2016-

Kilmer co-sponsors $1 billion bill to fight opioid epidemic; could aid Peninsula towns

Congressman Kilmer,

Please let us know if the Port Angeles Border Patrol has been able to intercept any inbound heroin.

Could a larger US Border Patrol force keep heroin out of Port Angeles?

More manpower, gear, enhanced facilities? Bigger budget?

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