DSC_0213 In the news: Builders demand burglary relief from Island County sheriff


April, 2014:

Federal grant money goes to “…gain a better grasp on cross border activity and to prevent illegal crossings.”

“Funding for the boat was issued through the Homeland Security Grant Program under Operation Stonegarden.”

“But the sheriff’s office, after getting a $225,000 grant through the Homeland Security Grant Program, will be purchasing a new vessel.”

If public meetings were held on Whidbey Island & people were asked to state their top local law enforcement priorities- would a Homeland Security patrol boat show up anywhere on the list?

If the Sheriff was interviewed & asked for his wish list- is there any possibility that it would include a Homeland Security patrol boat?

Took a quick look on the web to see if there is a post 911 history of maritime “cross-border activity” on Whidbey & could not find anything. If anyone has info, please post in comments.

Local crime problem unrelated to Homeland Security concerns:

Feb, 2014:

Sheriff talks about Whidbey Island burglaries at meeting

Whidbey burglary victims up in arms over lack of arrests

Dec, 2013:

“Tingstad said he sees the burglary increase as a direct result of budget cuts and the loss of 10 deputies since 2008. He said it’s “incredibly important” to have a detective dedicated to drug crimes, but that position was lost in the layoffs.”

The federal government has money to share- but not to curb the sorts of crimes that concern local communities:

May, 2013:

Public safety emergency declared due to Whidbey Island crime wave


Let the Sheriff & the people he serves set funding priorities for the Island County Sheriff’s Department.


More federal cash to increase border security-

June, 2015:

Whidbey Island police get federal funding

Newspeople post press release instead of asking questions.

Past results:


$5 million waterfront cameras haven’t worked one day


“James said western Washington might as well be the backyard for three Mexican drug cartels.”




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